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More on Bluefreeway January 16, 2008

Posted by David Gillespie in industry news.
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Before Hollywood heavyweights arrived at YouTube’s gates baying for blood we could have posted a dozen different clips from movies all with bridges out ahead and roads falling apart. Whether a picture is still worth a thousand words or not is one thing, but there is little else in this world like a line from Arnie that can make light of what is really a wholly unpleasant situation for a lot of people employed in Australia’s digital media industry.

Simon Chen has some more thoughts on the company today, along with noting that the share price has continued to slide almost 30% since last week, down to 76 cents. For those that missed the news last week, David Smithers resigned from the company after little more than three months on board as a Director. The company has remained fairly quiet since last week’s announcement, if anyone would like to share their side of the story, we’re all waiting with baited breath.



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