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Spam sam spam spam… March 26, 2008

Posted by David Gillespie in web 2.0, work/life.
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Just saw Andrew Cafourek Twitter the following: Best SPAM ever: “There is this huge amount of ($2.800.000) dollars which my late father deposited with a bank before being assassinated…”

I love the idea of one of these actually being legit. A Nigerian Princess sitting there thinking “WTF? I’m a fucking Princess!! Doesn’t ANYONE want to marry a princess!?!?”

Terribly amusing. If only for me.



1. acafourek - March 26, 2008

HA! I was just headed out the door for dinner and refreshed my RSS reader to see that you had blogged this; that is hilarious to think of one of these being totally legit.

She did offer me 12%… and hey, maybe she’s single too! Think of what I may be missing out on…

2. Harisnya Webáruház - April 22, 2008

Last week i send me a spam 🙂
my fault…
but princess spam is the best.

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