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Brand rape – or – Assault with an unsightly sticker June 19, 2008

Posted by David Gillespie in branding, marketing.
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Dear Mr. Mechanic,

You did a great job on my car, fixed the glove box brilliantly. You sent a follow up letter which was brief and to the point, you did everything right. Except you put a sticker on my back window without asking me and in a spot I was unlikely to see until the next time I put my guitars in my car.

Which happened a couple days ago.

Permission marketing is just that, it requires permission. Otherwise you’re just forcing yourself on people, and that doesn’t work anymore. Earn people’s trust, respect their time AND their dollar. Don’t try to put words in their mouths, because that only works as long as you’re in the room, and you don’t have time to be there in the room with everyone of your customers (even if you did, you’d just breed resentment, not loyalty).

The rest of this post is available at Marketing Magazine.



1. Matt - June 19, 2008

Nice post. A funny thing happened to me at the car service centre the other day… I left a comment about it on the Marketing blog.

2. David Gillespie - June 19, 2008

Read the comment, I had forgotten about the notion of a “weenie”, I really like it. This won’t make sense for those who haven’t read your comment, but I wonder if your mechanic has your email address and if they have a system in place to move their CRM from paper to the web. Sounds like a business opportunity for you! =]

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