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When was the last time you went Yahoo!? July 15, 2008

Posted by David Gillespie in industry news, web 2.0.
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Paraphrased from this film.

You know, I can’t remember what I did before I googled (by the way, can we agree Google is the company name, google is what you do? Noun, verb, cool?). I think I used Alta Vista, but I really can’t be sure. Regardless, I have never been a Yahoo-er, it never grabbed me.

A friend sent this to me the other day, and all I can say is I feel sorry for the team who had to produce the below, it is such an obvious goal to kick. No doubt directives were ordered from on high, “the focus groups said we need 45% more wonder in our offering”, not realising if that if they just provided value and a campaign based on relevance they would likely grab more market share by simply executing their core properties in an effective manner.

One thing I do find curious is in the hierarchy of dot points the home page design is up top. Yahoo! came to life as a portal where your online experience began, but I don’t know anyone who browses the web that way. There’s an interesting notion here around destination entertainment, of having to go somewhere to experience a certain thing, but without a compelling pull, the traffic just doesn’t show up.

Do you Yahoo?

Other points of note:

  • Australia’s most extensive online news provider – don’t tell me you’re extensive, show me! Give me service names and validate that claim, I won’t believe you otherwise.
  • A new search giving me a better answer the first time. Again, better than what? Yahoo!’s last search offering?
  • By the world’s no. 1 email, they mean the most popular over all.

Email in particular is a funny thing, a good friend who is in a position to know remarked to me recently that Google knows a lot more about email and your inbox than they are letting on. The below data from Hitwise (dated April ’07) paints an interesting picture.

Google popular among middle and upper-class Gen Ys? That isn’t exactly the kind of news that makes you shout “Stop the press!”, it does lay out an interesting road map for the coming years if you make some assumptions about user behaviour -but this is already a long post, so we’ll save that for another day.

Back to the question in my title though; when was the last time you went Yahoo!?


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