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One bourbon, one scotch, one beer August 23, 2008

Posted by David Gillespie in branding, conversation, marketing, social media, strategy, web 2.0.
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Julian Cole and I have been going back and forth a bit lately on social objects offline and some of that chatter is making its way online. He put up a vlog yesterday which Scott from Marketing Magazine chimed in on. Not wanting to be left out, I added my 2 cents. I hadn’t actually uploaded anything to YouTube before, brought back some of the initial terrors that come with blogging (the world will see this, oh no!).

Anyway, the videos are below. Watch them (Scott’s alone is priceless for the shots of his afro, little children may turn away in fear, you’ve been warned) and then leave a comment, or better yet, add your own response! While you’re at it, give Julian some stick for the video responses needing to be approved by the owner – Jules I thought the whole point of social media was acknowledging you couldn’t control the conversation right!?! 🙂


1. Zac Martin - August 24, 2008

I am really enjoying this whole conversation about social objects and social currency. Jules and I spoke the other day about another element which I’m hoping to blog about tonight.

Good work this the video and in response to the title; Five cougars thanks.

2. Julian Cole - August 25, 2008

Hey Dave, I didn’t mean to make it hard to allow comments that was just the preset for uploading videos, I will change it now! 😉 I am loving this conversation too!

3. David Gillespie - August 25, 2008

I know mate, I just took an easy shot ;]

Am digging the conversation as well, I think you’re on to something – we should fire up the tagging of each other at the end as part of a video meme; who knows how far it can go?

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