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On the mic with Mike September 5, 2008

Posted by David Gillespie in business strategy, strategy, work/life.
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As regularly as out jet-setting schedules will allow, I and a good friend, Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson get together for an exchange of ideas and a bottle of wine. At our last meeting I decided we should begin to document some of the things we talk about, so while this one runs a little longer than I expected, consider it the pilot for what is to come.

We touch on why people over-complicate situations they’re in, as well as the culture we’ve built up in a desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable (that is, find ourselves in the wrong). I wrote quite a bit earlier this year on embracing the times when we’re wrong and encouraging the right kinds of mistakes in others, please check that out too.

Hope you enjoy!

We also reference the following talk by Sir Ken Robinson.

Lastly, please check out Michael’s School of Thinking and sign up for free daily thought exercises and programs designed to make you a more perceptive person and a better overall thinker.



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2. Lj - April 22, 2015

You’re fucking. It’s obvious. How nice.

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