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When you say nothing at all September 9, 2008

Posted by David Gillespie in branding, marketing.
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Given my Blackberry has died another horrible death, I don’t have the photo I took specifically for this post. Actually it isn’t quite true to say my BlackBerry has died, it still works, the screen just doesn’t show anything other than white. Is this the device equivalent of being blind or in some way physically incapacitated? Yes, it can still do all of the things the manufacturer says it can do, I unfortunately don’t know the entire menu system backwards and thus am not sure where to press. My fault clearly.


Coke. My friends at Coke. You currently have an outdoor campaign plastered all over the bus stops and tram shelters of Melbourne – probably the country. The ad shows a young man gripping the sides of a Coke bottle with either hand while the copy says “Hold on and enjoy the ride.”


You are Coke. You have one of the best known brands the world over, a brand that, unlike the McDonalds or Nike’s of the world, has managed to escape much of the multinational & eco hoo-haa that has plagued many other symbols of popular culture. The Happiness Factory was genius, and positioned the brand at the edge of advertising, where original content is employed to tell stories beyond the scope of a soft drink.

And the only story you have to tell right now is a new bottle shape?

You should be ashamed of yourselves. And somebody should definitely get fired.

A new bottle.

Sweet mother of all that is good and pure, what a waste of time.

Image courtesy of hangdog, with thanks to compfight.


1. Zac Martin - September 9, 2008

I was going to post something similar after I saw a poster about the new grip Coke had.

Because I was always concerned about dropping my Coke after it slipped through my fingers yet again.

I mean, c’mon.

2. Alysha Sandow - September 9, 2008

You know, I hear there has been some reshuffling and one of their agencies has just hired an AMAZING designer to fix these current problems.
I hear they’ve already had words about that very campaign too. 😉

3. David Gillespie - September 9, 2008

You’ll let me know when they have words about how utterly devoid of any creative or strategic insight the brand managers must be as well right?

Seriously. Fired.

Double time.

4. I’m a rocker, baby I’m a rocker « Creative Is Not A Department - September 9, 2008

[…] for more than just the last campaign. I spoke to someone last night from the company responsible Coke’s new bottle debacle and reiterated my point: someone should have been fired for that […]

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