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What’s the story (morning glory)? September 25, 2008

Posted by David Gillespie in branding, marketing.

This is a laundrette around the corner from where I work. I’ve walked past it a hundred times and only just noticed the other day “The BIG Store” writing inside the wreath. Above it says “Sehold Use”; I’ve no idea what either is about.

It got me thinking though what the story behind it might be. The writing is in concrete, it isn’t plastic, it wouldn’t have been whipped up over night, whenever it was created. Sure it’s just a laundrette, but there’s a bigger story to be told.

What are the stories we want to tell our consumers? What are the ones they actually want to hear, that they’d actually be interested in? That they’d be engaged by?

How did “The BIG Store” come to be this laundrette on a backstreet in Melbourne? Give me the truth or give me fiction, it doesn’t really matter, but if there’s really nothing remarkable about you, why are we here? Even a laundrette can be remarkable.

Just tell me a story. Be more than the simple sum of your parts. For both our sakes.



1. Matt - September 25, 2008

It doesn’t say ‘Sehold Use’, it says ‘SEHOLD USE’. My guess is they chopped the building in half and took the letters HOU with it. From the looks of things, you’ve got yourself the right hand side entrance of a Victorian department store 🙂

2. David Gillespie - September 25, 2008

Hmmm….I think you may be right! And SEE?!? This is already much more interesting than a bloody laundromat!!

(I think so anyway…)

3. Matt - September 28, 2008

*Victorian Era

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