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Stephen Conroy boxes glacier, loses November 14, 2008

Posted by David Gillespie in politics, technology, work/life.
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See the below clip for Stephen Conroy being questioned on his Internet filter by Green’s Senator Scott Ludlam from Western Australia.

It always struck me that one of the best backhanded compliments you could give a person in public office was that they were an excellent policitian. The criteria for such a remark is generally an innate ability to avoid answering a direct and obvious question, and to finish speaking leaving your audience feeling somehow diminished for having listened in the first place.

With this in mind, Stephen Conroy strikes me as a masterful and utterly natural politician. My hat is off to Scott Ludlam for taking it to Mr. Conroy, Scott anything you need from the folk out here, just ask.



1. Daniel Oyston - November 15, 2008

Hey Dave, I said I would try and sound my mate out about what was happening at Dept of Broadband and Comms. Saw him at training but didn’t have much of a chance … he has a broken nose from the weekend and didn’t think ti was funny at all when I asked if it was an irate broadband user visiting the Dept that did it!

He reckons they have had about 4000 letters so far. He said any with swearing in them go straight in the bin. Probably no need to swear but now they are filtering the written mail based on swear words as well?!?!?

Maybe they need to do some self reflection and think “why are people so angry they feel the need to swear?”

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