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Creative Is Not A Digital Marketing & Media Summit November 19, 2008

Posted by David Gillespie in work/life.

Never the less, I shall be there this Friday with my favourite partner in crime, Julian Cole. Also along for the fun will be Peter Wagstaff and Zac Martin, who will join me in assisting Julian in a somewhat unusual but hopefully engaging presentation.

And now to the good stuff.

After the summit, we’ll be hightailing back into the city for drinks at Madame Brussels from 6pm. You don’t have to attend the conference to come along for a drink, I’ve arranged for a special room, so upon arrival ask for (and you have to say it in the most sultry voice you can muster, lest Pearls, the proprietor of Madame Brussels not let you in!) “The parlour up the rear of Madame Brussels.” Take my number –> 0404 078686 <– in case you get into any trouble (knowing you lot this is bound to happen) and come out for a drink to kick-start the weekend.

I should also add our lovely location would not have been possible without the assistance of Michelle Matthews at Deck of Secrets who this week launched their own iPhone app. Entitled DRINK, it is a handy guide to the best bars in Melbourne, soon to be rolled out across all the cities her cards have appeared in. Go say hi. Go on, it’s polite.

Now get outta here.

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