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The Google Flow November 28, 2008

Posted by David Gillespie in business strategy.
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I was sketching business models the other night (I know I know, there’s a reason eveyrone wants to party with me…) and drew the below diagrams while thinking about how people use Google and Facebook. It struck me that Google benefit as much from people leaving their site as they do from entering it – maybe even more so! Contrast this with Facebook, who derive no value from people getting to anywhere else.

Google vs. Facebook

With next-gen strategy in mind, Google are so far ahead of the curve it boggles the mind. Not only that, but the flow of users through their system is engineered into their core DNA – it isn’t an idea they have to get stakeholders on board for. Sure they have occasionally dabbled in other fields, like their ill-fated attempt to take on Wikipedia, but for the most part they can focus on things other than strategic innovation as there are so very few people even playing in their league.


1. Gavin Heaton - November 30, 2008

Google are fascinating for the approach that they are taking on so many fronts. Think about their new wiki-style search result voting – where you can “vote up” certain results. How will this transform the SEO industry? How does it re-cast our understanding of influence? Or perhaps, more importantly, where does this lead us to next?

2. David Gillespie - December 1, 2008

I agree that the wiki-style search results is a fascinating experiment, though I wonder if perhaps Google may become victims of their own efficiency by , in effect, asking people to alter their behaviour and interact with Google’s pages as opposed to just using them to get somewhere else. Sites like Digg or Wikipedia obviously have a core group of passionate users, in my mind this is where Google’s Knol fails; it attempts to blur the lines between users and community, and I think we can all agree those are two radically different things.

I’ll happily admit I don’t know enough about the alts to the search results and the user voting – which is what I’m off to read about right…now! 🙂

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