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I send a message March 9, 2009

Posted by David Gillespie in blogging, social media, technology, web 2.0.
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Those who know me know getting under social media’s skin is one of my pet projects, only because the current discussions (I feel) miss the point, which I believe is the democratisation of platforms from which people have the opportunity to speak on a mass scale. More simply put, with the advent of easy blogging tools (like WordPress which runs this site), I get to spend my time thinking about what i want to say as opposed to how the infrastructure underneath it all works.

I wondered aloud last August when and how this sort of thing might come to impact the creation of music. Along came MelodySphere which had a simple shot at creating loops collaboratively but in a browser. Nice, but awkward to use. While the newest kid on the block (my block anyway) doesn’t get us there, it takes us one step closer to the removal of publishing barriers. Posterous allows you to email text, video, music and pictures to an address and then automagivally does the rest. You don’t even need to sign-up as you can see from my simply created Posterous page. It gives you a URL (which you can alter later if you wish) and instantly publishes whatever you sent. In my case, I shot them an MP3 of a song of mine and a minute later got a reply with the URL.

I love this, seriously love the removal of yet another barrier to people raising their voices, and while the geeks out there might bemoan the approach of the madding crowds, I believe the revolutions that will lead us out of economic nonsense will be born of the work being done by folk who are trying to make it easier for ideas and thoughts to be spread, and taking down anything that might stand in their way.

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1. Jeremy - March 10, 2009

DG, nice post, not so much about the music but more about what will lead us out of the economic downturn. Like many, I have been thinking about this a lot lately and agree with some commentators who say the companies that will survive these hard times are those that innovate and look to find new ways to grow their market. Large monoliths simply suffer as they fail to capitalise on the opportunity that actually presents itself. A brave challenger brand can take the bit between the teeth and have a real crack in these times, execute the plan well and they will certainly look back with a smile.

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