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The end has no end March 17, 2009

Posted by David Gillespie in creativity, social media, web 2.0.

If you haven’t seen the incredible work of Kutiman yet, make it your bid-ness to do so today. His remix of not only music but words and vision, all taken from YouTube clips is nothing short of amazing. Faris dropped some science around this the other day, delivering the following quote which sums it up (equal parts nicely and awkwardly):

It’s because media has become much easier to reproduce thanks to the radical decentralisation of the economics of cultural production [which is the phrase I’m backing as a substitute to social media – I’m not very hopeful it will catch on.]

We all know how I feel about social media. I think Faris “radical decentralisation” is more easily summed up by simply stating it is now as easy to create content as it is to consume it.

Perhaps we need to extend that to being “recreate” content?


1. faris - March 19, 2009

i am equal parts nice and awkward 😉

awesome. rockONFX

2. David Gillespie - March 27, 2009

Yes you are sweetheart 🙂 Now hurry up and wrangle a trip to Toronto on McCann’s dime, there is Beer to be Sphered.

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