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Blood on blood April 20, 2009

Posted by David Gillespie in work/life.

I don’t bleed much these days, not like I used to. In high school I would run myself ragged at lunchtime playing basketball, the hot asphalt beying for the blood of anyone who didn’t quite manage to land right. A couple spills I took are fresh in my mind, one in particular had me going head over heels, and arms, shoulders and knees all took a beating, those scars are still evident if you know where to look.

The blood gets drawn from diving into a situation too enthusiastically, it seems like the older we get the better we are at avoiding the scrapes; I’m more likely to cut myself with a kitchen knife or shaving than I am from a missed lay-up. And the cuts and bruises we used to wear with pride get hidden away in shame instead of laid out for the world to see as the badges of honour they once were.

As I am fond of saying, we should jump for the sun. We may not reach it, but at least we get off the ground.

Get out your battle scars, and go in search of more.



1. Daniel - April 20, 2009

And you cut yourself with a kitchen knife or razor because you are comfortable using those tools and aren’t paying attention and slip …

Gotta get out of your comfort zone … the scars provide great war stories!

2. Lisa Evett - April 21, 2009

I’ll show you my battle scars if you show me yours 😉

3. lincolneather - April 24, 2009

yeah, the older you get the less u push yourself. But when u do, remember that rush you had/get from it.

always gotta push.

4. Quentin - April 25, 2009

I don’t think we necessarily run away from it but choose our battles more as we get older. Personally haven’t cut myself with a razor or knife recently. I guess this is also as I work from home online so not rushed as much as I used to be.

5. David Gillespie - May 15, 2009

I hear you Quentin, I just know from personal experience I learn more from the beatings than I do the wins. It’s something I’m thinking about a lot right now, and working up the courage to take another beating is, I think, what gets harder as we get older.

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