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Digital ash in a digital urn May 15, 2009

Posted by David Gillespie in advertising, digital strategy, marketing, Viral.

So I wanted to find a site that compiled the best work in digital over the past week. It seems there are a bunch of niche sites doing this well but nobody covering the entireity of the space the way Best Ads On TV bring you…well…you get the idea. A couple categories are obvious: best site, best banner execution – however I’m keen to track down the best applications, be they in Facebook, in the browser, Adobe Air, whatever. I sould take the time to note that a pretty piece of Flash that could be a TV commercial (or, in a lot of cases, IS a TV commercial does not count). Leveraging my previous thoughts ojn the subject, I’m looking for executions that couldn’t have been done in any other medium.

If somebody knows of a site that exists doing exactly what I’m after, please let me know, as there’s lots of other thigns I could do with my time. On the assumption they don’t however…

This week’s best site is…The FWA’s 50 Millionth visitor takeover.

  • Because: It lives by that most important principle of bringing people togetehr and giving them something to do. Instantly leveraging its own community, the execution with Facebook Connect extends the community into the personal profiles of each person who takes part, making it instantly viral. Drawing a baseline at common interests and going from there, it plays to the narcissist in each of us by allowing a profile picture on a highly trafficked website and offers opportunities to connect. Brilliant execution.

This week’s best banner execution is…Apple (struggling to find this to link to, so I’ve included an image and a link to a previous Apple banner which is different but still quite cool).iLife Mac Banner

  • Because: Each time I think they’ve taken the idea of PC vs. Mac to the end of the road, they find a corner to take. The content will be familiar but I like the use of space the best – yes lots of people have done this and pused the space better, but this got shared around with friends due to it being enjoyable to watch, not because it was clever. It’s almost sponsored content in a way, Apple making me smile for 30 seconds a day. Microsoft, what have you done for me lately?

This week’s best app is…Skype.

  • Because: Apps, particularly on Facebook appear faster than anybody can document them. I didn’t manage to get hold of my Mum last week for Mother’s Day, so in making good on that, arranging a trip in July to see U2 in Ireland, and generally being a bit easier to get hold of, Skype running through Facebook has it for me.

So next week I’ll think about this a little more. I wanted to dive into it today as I’m a big believer in digital requiring more of a willingness to figure it out on the fly. If you have things you find during the course of the week please shoot them through. For those, like me, in Canada today, have a great long weekend!

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