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He just sits and listens to the people in the boxes September 15, 2009

Posted by David Gillespie in technology, Video Games.
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OK, so here’s an idea for a campaign. I don’t care who does it, I’d just love to see it in action, so if you work on Nintendo or a major cereal brand, listen up.

We’re long past a place where kids are interested in putting together dinky little toys made from plastic parts in cereal boxes, but there’s something there about the notion of the prize inside which i don’t think is going away. I’d like to see Nintendo collaborate with someone for the next big Pokemon release. Except rather than put a toy in the box they produce a series of cards which trigger an augmented reality game when placed in front of a camera.

Let’s say I have my cereal and I get a card that displays Pikachu. My friend gets his cereal and he gets a card with…well…one of the other ones on it (Pokemon was more my little brother’s set). When I put just one card down in front of the camera, I can interact with my character, and perhaps get additional cards or items in other boxes or products that allow me to do different things to them (in a less kinky fashion than on the example below – it’s just for effect people).

When my friend puts his card next to mine though, our Pokemon proceed to fight. Now, as in the game proper, I can play (read: place) additional cards down that give me character different attacks and abilities. So instead of just playing cards or controlling it on a screen, I can physically interact and play with my friends while needing to purchase product from someone to expand the available repertoire of moves available to my character.

The downside is it would be horrendously expensive to produce, the upside is of course that it would be effortlessly cool.

Even if only for me.

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