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Ch-ch-changes November 8, 2009

Posted by David Gillespie in technology.
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I just got spammed by Glue, looks like maybe their notifications engine had a little freakout and sent me a bunch of messages I had already received. Which is fine. Part of playing in this new space (both as a producer and a consumer) is sometimes things go awry. Software (i.e. anything on a screen) is in flux, it is not right – just least wrong. And it gets less wrong as people find ways to improve it.

Seeing those messages suddenly arrive though, I’m wondering about the tolerance people have for that. Nobody expected those to arrive (least of all the developers I imagine), and if it had been a major brand, then it would have been annoying. But it came from a service trying to do something good – connect people.

They’re a start-up and still getting things figured out, and that is fine. Last year people were fond of droning on and on about Twitter having scaling issues. You know what? They’re supposed to!! That is part of building a popular service!! They had scaling issues because they focused on building something people wanted – their server going down on a regular basis meant they were doing their God-damn jobs. In turn you got a service you love for free.

Give. Me. Strength.

Image representing Foursquare as depicted in C...
Image via CrunchBase

I am fond of banging on and on about my mate Tim saying “If you want to understand change you have to be part of it.” And part of that, particularly when playing with services like Glue or FourSquare or whatever it will be tomorrow, is an understanding that this shit is in flux. And it will get better and it will get worse and that is the contract you sign when you join.

It is called the bleeding edge for a reason, things get broken.

And thank God they do.

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1. Alex Iskold - November 9, 2009

Hey David,

what sort of messages did you get from getglue?
There is nothing that I know of that should have been sent.

Appreciate your patience and understanding of the evolution of the new serlvices.


2. John P - November 9, 2009

Spot on, and inspiring for a foggy Monday morning with a startup launched 5 days ago. Cheers.

3. David Gillespie - November 10, 2009

@Alex, it was nothing major, I just got a bunch of notices about people subscribing to me on Glue.

And no need to appreciate me – I appreciate you guys having the vision and discipline to pull it off in the first place!

@John just checked out what you guys are doing, good job!

4. John P - November 10, 2009

Thanks David. You’ll be pleased to see I’ve just added Australia, Dame Edna and Love, not necessarily in that order. But I can see it kicking off – two keys Australians helped loads @Leisa and @dmfreedom

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