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Social capitalism December 6, 2008

Posted by David Gillespie in advertising, marketing, work/life.
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I have an obscene habit of opening tab after tab after endless tab until Firefox starts to resemble an attempt to learn about everything there ever was to know. People spend their time playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, I can get you from Miami Art Basel to Dave Eggers talking about after-school-learning projects (watch that by the way, it is amazing) to NASA’s space imagery without currently needing to open any new links. I can get you there, but I can’t tell you how I myself wound up on them in the first place.

I love teh interwebs.

Anyway, one of the tabs open is a piece I’ve been meaning to blog about since it was posted, instead I’m just going to give you the link and tell you to go read it. It is from Tamir over at Frank Thoughts and it is to do with TAXI’s 15 Below Project. When I bang on about experiences facilitated by brands but not about brands, this is what I’m getting at.\

Fantastic stuff.

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