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Moving day February 14, 2010

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An oh-so-short note to say I’ve just finished moving this blog to a new location. I’d love you to click here; it will add the new RSS feed into your current reader, and you only need to do it once. I decided to move as WordPress wasn’t quite giving me the flexibility I wanted, and the new platform, Tumblr, simply facilitates easier expression. As those of you who’ve been with me for a while will know, this revolution we’re in right now is driven by the increase in expressive capabilities; it’s not the technology that is interesting, but what people do with it.

Thanks for your time, and as always I look forward to continuing the conversation at the new Sw’ei Industries blog: Notes From The Revolution.

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Digital Strangelove – or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Internet October 19, 2009

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I mentioned last week I had been staying in on weekends and up at night trying to get everything I was thinking about out of my head. The space I feel was created in my head is amazing, leaving room to think about a bunch of other projects I have on the go but have also played second fiddle to this.

I’m not presenting the below presentation as gospel, if I may be so bold as to quote myself, I am not looking for right, just for least wrong, as one of the premises I state in the presentation is that so much of this space will continue to change for a long time to come.

The deck covers a lot of ground, mainly from the point of view of where we are right now in the evolution of the Internet and culture, and where I think we’re going. I welcome feedback of all kinds, from bursts of agreement to arguments against each and every slide.

If I have moved the conversation along in even the slightest way, I have succeeded. As always, thanks for reading, I really appreciate your time.

The joy of being wrong May 13, 2008

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Some people have a love-hate relationship with their own fallibility. Not me. I revel in it.  I was talking earlier today about widening the range of ideas you let in to your head so as to stimulate your own thinking from a different perspective.

I was thinking about this a bit more today after posting over at the Marketing Magazine forums on the subject of being wrong in a digital space. We should be embracing the rapid pace at which everything is changing; every error, every out and out mistake is a lesson learned and a rule formed in a space where so few exist.

I wrote at the beginning of the year I was spending more time thinking about what was least wrong as opposed to most right. Semantics sure, but the point is we don’t know right now, and nor should we. If everyone could for just one day check their egos at the door and revel in the fact we’re still figuring this out, we’d get a lot more done.

Image from Paul Arden’s It’s not how good you are… – found via Andrew Cafourek’s Tumblog.

Hey I just found this… April 29, 2008

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In a world where man-crushes are entirely acceptable Andrew Cafourek and I would be the best of buds. The fact that I’m pointing people to his site while he sleeps having been unable to complete his update I’m sure he won’t find remotely amusing…we’ll deal with that later.

Andrew uses Tumblr, a service I have signed up for but not slotted into my daily routine yet. These are direct from his Tumblog which is equal parts entertaining and…well…entertaining.

This is a brilliant commercial for the Discovery Channel:

This is a fantastic note on customer service:

Customer Service

This is a wry if pessimistic view of the future:

In the future...

This is Andrew’s Tumblog.