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Digital Strangelove – or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Internet October 19, 2009

Posted by David Gillespie in advertising, best of, business strategy, digital strategy, social media, social networks, storytelling, strategy, technology.
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I mentioned last week I had been staying in on weekends and up at night trying to get everything I was thinking about out of my head. The space I feel was created in my head is amazing, leaving room to think about a bunch of other projects I have on the go but have also played second fiddle to this.

I’m not presenting the below presentation as gospel, if I may be so bold as to quote myself, I am not looking for right, just for least wrong, as one of the premises I state in the presentation is that so much of this space will continue to change for a long time to come.

The deck covers a lot of ground, mainly from the point of view of where we are right now in the evolution of the Internet and culture, and where I think we’re going. I welcome feedback of all kinds, from bursts of agreement to arguments against each and every slide.

If I have moved the conversation along in even the slightest way, I have succeeded. As always, thanks for reading, I really appreciate your time.

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1. Ben Rennie - October 20, 2009

Hey David, nice work. This is insane. Would love to re-blog with your go ahead. nice.

2. David Gillespie - October 20, 2009

Mate please go for it! It’s all under a Creative-Commons license, so as long as you attribute you can do whatever you like!

And glad you enjoyed!

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Karik - December 6, 2014

Arclites like this just make me want to visit your website even more.

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8. Louise - October 22, 2009

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I have saved a link to this so I can go back to it again and again –and send it on to other folks.

9. David Gillespie - October 22, 2009

Louise – thank you so much! Really appreciate you taking the time to read it and then leave a note. Glad you enjoyed!

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12. Chris Dorr - October 25, 2009

I came to this via a mention from Fred Wilson and really like what you have written. Have referred it to on to others. I think you have captured a lot of great thoughts about what we are currently going through—a fundamental change that is still not seen by many people. Or at least many people are in denial about. Particularly interested in your thoughts on Tumblr which you allude to a couple of times. With you be writing more about this?

13. Thomas Koch - October 25, 2009

Thanks for this, David. Simply brilliant! We need more of this. I have retweeted your presentation to most of the communication/ad industry in Germany.

14. David Gillespie - October 25, 2009

Chris, Thomas, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, so glad you found it of value.

@Chris Tumblr, to be honest, I’m still figuring out. There is something I just find fascinating about it, and I really dig how it segments data (don’t I know how to have a good time! ;]) – in Digital Strangelove I say text is becoming just text, but in Tumblr a text post can be just text, it can be from an IM chat, it can be a quote or even a link. Perhaps the medium will cease to be the message, but context (rather than content) will be king?

I have no idea what their plan is to turn it into a profitable business, but much like Twitter, I do think they’re building something of value. I think that any service that makes it easier for people to express themselves has a role to play in this revolution that is going on.

@Thomas Thank you so much for sharing it with your colleagues! I have a few friends in advertising in Germany who I am always saying I will come and visit – when I finally make that happen perhaps you and I can sit down and talk some more and enjoy some Gewürztraminer, it is a favourite of mine!

15. ltweedie - October 25, 2009

Thanks for that deck – beautiful and inspiring stuff … loved the way it was really an illustrated talk (no need for extra wordy crib sheet to go with this deck) – In fact it is probably quite a brief talk of about 262 sentences!

I’ve been thinking about social media alot over the last month (just started a blogging job in social media) and I keep thinking this is only the beginning we have no idea where this is headed. Watching my other half entertainng our kids in a pizza house with an app from “Where the wild things are” on his ipod today was strange … I know exactly what you meant about consumers choosing content rather than being interupted.

But the thing I loved most was your data + content stuff. Actually people have been saying that in the data mining field for ever but I liked you applying it to this context. I did a PhD in visualization of data or externalizations of data as I prefered to think of them. This was back in 97 when it was still quite hard to do interactive stuff on the web. However I really did believe then as i do now that interactive representations which empower users to explore data and thus pull out the content could be really powerful. This is giving users the power to create content from the data (removes yet another silo – analysts!) – guess this is starting to happen with some of the web viz tools. Any thoughts?

Anyhow thanks

16. ltweedie - October 25, 2009

One more thing
Data is the source of stories – that is why it is so important
Data -> Analysis -> Stories
Statisticians have always realised that the value of a good graph is that it summarizes a story. The best statisticians are excellent story tellers. What power if we can empower everyone to become story tellers with their data (-:
Lisa Tweedie

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18. Arif Bangi - October 26, 2009

Truly awesome presentation. Thank you.

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23. Clare Jones - November 4, 2009

Nice work Gillespie. Plenty of food for thought…in fact, I’m full.

24. lb - November 6, 2009

wow, that is incredible. thanks.

25. Jay Deragon - November 7, 2009


Your slide presentation pushed my thinking and will continue. Thanks for the inspiration. I’d really like your opinion on a subsequent post I created after reading your slide presentation. You can view it here http://www.relationship-economy.com/?p=7320

26. David Gillespie - November 11, 2009

Jay, a pleasure, and thanks so much for stopping by! Heading over to check out your post now.

@lb and Ms. Jones, thank you guys, appreciate it!

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30. Lauren - March 23, 2010

Your slide show was very cool, and I loved the random humor. That said, I don’t really like that our “mediums” are changing so much. I love books–with actual paper, and I miss Polaroids! I think as long as one medium doesn’t completely take over another everything will be great.

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35. phill - March 14, 2011

I love your informative writing style and hope you start blogging again. lol my blog is all about wheeled backpack and no way near as stylish as you.

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